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Projects are the core of our work. All major projects of Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) are collaboratively undertaken by community communication groups, local and international development partners.

Radio is acknowledged as the most widespread electronic communications’ device in the world, a unique, most convenient and affordable means of reaching the world’s populace, even in very remote areas. Nearly all Kenyans are radio listeners and it is from radio that they source news and information. For most local communities who are poor community radio has revolutionized the manner in which they express their culture, receive entertainment, news information as well as engage in dialogue and development. 


KCOMNET places community radio stations in top priority in the development of the community media sector. This is borne by the fact that effective community radio stations are able to effectively integrate and promote other forms of community media. 

One of the areas which distinguish community radio stations from the private and public broadcasters is their focus on content and programming generated from the community. At KCOMNET we continue to help community radios improve their generation of community based local content and programming so that they don't loose their unique identity and positioning as the distinct third sector of broadcasting.

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Featured Reports and publications

Status of content and programming by community radio stations in Kenya :: An assessment carried out in Baliti FM (Isiolo), Koch FM (Nairobi) and Ekialo Kiano (Homa Bay County)

EACOMNET report cover.jpg

Production and sharing of local content by community media groups in Kenya :: A project report KCOMNET to UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) - June, 2013

East Africa Community Media Network :: Monitoring and Evaluation report

Policy guidelines for community radio in Kenya - KCOMNET's draft 2014.png

Policy Guidelines for Community Radio in Kenya KCOMNET's Draft 2014

Based on situation analysis, this policy guide has identified a number of priority issues that are
crucial to the realisation of a vibrant and independent community radio sub-sector in Kenya


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If you have an enquiry regarding a new project or you are thinking of starting a community radio station and not sure how to get started then get in touch with us. Drop by the office for a one on one, write us an email or call us up.


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