We provide community radios with the skills they need to bring reliable information to those who need it most.


We have achieved considerable success in building the capacity of community radios for them to address pressing local issues in their communities and achieve considerable impact in the service of local governance and community development.

Strengthening community radio identity (ongoing project)

HIVOS/Kenya Media Programme(KMP) has supported Kenya Community Media Programme(KCOMNET) for a one year project(November 2013 – October 2014). The project seeks to improve the generation of community based content and programming at the existing...Read more

Community Learning Programs (CLPs)


We have partnered with Commonwealth of Learning to implement CLPs that seek to enhance the opportunities for resource poor communities to access and use non-formal, community-based open and distance learning about health and related development issues using community based media and mobile telephony...More info

Organisational development

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Akiba Uhaki Foundation (AUF) supported KCOMNET to develop a strategic plan for Mang’elete Community Radio(2011 – 2015), a capacity development process for the Radio’s board of directors; marketing and fundraising strategies for the community radio station....More info

Empowering community radios with ICT

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KCOMNET was engaged by UNESCO to undertake a radio needs assessment and a baseline survey of the actual status of four community radio stations in Kenya: Sauti FM (98.1), Mwanedu Radio (96.1), Mangelete Community radio (89.1FM) and Mug’ambo Jwetu Radio (102.3 FM)....Read more

Development of local content - IPDC


The focus of this project was to support the collaboration between community theatre groups/artists and community radio stations to generate content on the priority issues in their communities, develop the issues into radio drama shows which can be presented on air at the community radio stations, at community social centres and in online platforms....More info

Internet freedom project. Freenet? films


We partnered with the four Brazilian organizations which are jointly running the freenet film project to hold the first Freenet video workshop in Kenya. The workshop was part of the project’s process of finding and gathering cases that demonstrate ......Read more

East African Community Media Network


Since its inception in 2012, EACOMNET has managed to support efforts in respective countries in East Africa to establish national community media networks where they were non-existent. KCOMNET is the host organization for EACOMNET secretariat....More info